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Winter Garden Maintenance: How To Do It Right


The cold weather brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for winter garden maintenance. In this guide, we’ll explore innovative strategies to nurture your garden during the colder months, ensuring its vitality and setting the stage for a flourishing spring. Nature’s Blanket with Cover Crops Consider cover crops as a multifaceted solution to winter […]

How To Thank Your Garden for a Bountiful Season


Thanksgiving is almost here. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the spirit of this holiday in every autumn breeze nowadays. And that got me thinking — what is it that I’m truly thankful for? There are so many thinks — my health, my family, but also my garden. After all, it has blessed […]

How to Create Decorative Vertical Gardens That Double as Artwork


Gardening has become more than just a hobby — it’s an art form. Which means that it’s also an amazing outlet for your creativity. And what better way is there to embrace that than by creating a decorative vertical garden that serves as a piece of artwork in its own right? Lucky for you, this […]

Low-Maintenance Annuals Even Beginners Can Grow


Gardening is a wonderful hobby that’s not only fun to do, but also unbelievably rewarding. Especially when you have the chance to see your garden flourish. But that’s where things get tricky. Because to get there, there is a certain understanding of plants and soil that you will have to posses. So it’s no surprise […]

Heirloom Havens: Reviving Vintage Garden Styles with a Modern Twist


Gardening has always been a timeless activity. However, there is one thing that you have to admit – vintage garden styles have a particular allure. Sure, modern gardening technologies are great. They make it a lot easier to care for our outdoor space, and also save us plenty of time. However, there’s something about the […]

Shade-Loving Beauties: Plants to Thrive in Your Garden’s Shadier Spots


Having a sunny garden with lots of greenery is amazing. However, who says that all plants love lots of sunshine? Even though all green plants need sunlight to produce energy, there are some of them that prefer the shade and indirect light. This could be particularly interesting for people who have a garden with plenty […]

Must-Have Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden: Flavor and Freshness at Your Fingertips


Nothing can make a meal come together as easily as the right herbs and spices. They add vibrant flavors, while also making your culinary creations look and smell absolutely amazing. However, how annoying is it to be preparing a meal only to realize you don’t have the necessary herbs? This issue can be a thing […]

The Most Invasive Plants That You Shouldn’t Grow in Your Garden


Creating a beautiful garden is a joy for any gardening enthusiast, but it’s equally important to be mindful of the plants you choose. Some plants, although pretty, can become invasive. Before you know it, they will take over your garden, crowding out other species and wreaking havoc on your carefully planned landscape. To prevent this […]

Everything You Have to Add to Your Garden To-Do List in September


September is in its full force. And while for some that means the beginning of the back-to-school season, for others, particularly gardening enthusiast—this is the time when you start preparing your garden for the colder months. This is a crucial phase in the gardening calendar, and it’s important to spend it wisely. So, if you’re […]

Gorgeous Decoration Ideas to Elevate That Fall Spirit


If you ask me, fall is, without a doubt, the prettiest season of the year. There is just something so magical about it. The vibrant colors, cozy evenings, and nature’s beauty in full bloom. It makes me feel warm from the inside, just thinking about it. And if you’re freaky for fall, like I am, […]

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