What To Plant in January: Veggies, Flowers, and Herbs


January may seem chilly, but it’s the perfect time to kick off the gardening year! Even though you might not feel inspired by the cold weather and gloomy sky, you will be rewarded once the weather warms up. So, let’s embrace the frost and get your hands dirty, and examine what to plant in January. Veggies, flowers, and herbs—all of these thrive when planted in the beginning of the year.

Winter Veggies for a Flavorful Harvest

We take our vegetable gardens very seriously! After all, there’s nothing better than making a crunchy salad with the vegetables you grew yourself. And here are two veggies that are not only low maintenance, but also delicious.


Kale loves the cold! It thrives in winter’s chill, offering a nutritious addition to your meals with its earthy flavor and robust texture. Start seeds indoors for a head start or directly sow them in your garden for a fresh supply of nutrient-packed leaves.


These crunchy delights can handle frost. January is the time to sow carrot seeds, anticipating a sweet harvest when the weather warms up. Your spring meals will taste so much better with this delicious veggie. Sow seeds in loose, well-draining soil for straight, tasty carrots.

Blooms to Brighten Up Your Garden

Yes, you can even plant flowers during January. However, you have to choose the right ones. And we have picked out two gorgeous varieties for you that are guaranteed to make your garden look like a beautiful oasis once spring arrives.


Pansies are resilient beauties that add vibrant colors to the winter garden. Their cheerful faces bloom even during the chilliest days. Start seeds indoors or sow them directly into the garden for a burst of color.


Snowdrops are the first signs of spring, peeking through the frost with delicate white flowers that lift spirits. So what better time to plant them than in January? Plant bulbs in well-draining soil for a delightful display of early blooms.

Aromatic Herbs for Fresh Flavors

How could we finish this article without mentioning herbs? We love herbs! They are not only super easy to grow and care for, but they are also so versatile. You can add them to your meals, teas, and even beauty products. So here are two that you can plant in January.


Parsley adds a fresh zing to winter dishes. It’s hardy and can thrive during the cold months. So even if you’re a beginner, this can be a great choice. Sow seeds indoors or in a sheltered spot outdoors for a steady supply of this versatile herb.


Thyme is a winter champion, boasting aromatic leaves that add depth to soups, stews, and roasts. Start seeds indoors or plant cuttings in well-draining soil for a fragrant herb garden addition.

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