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Summer Is Almost Here — Here’s How To Give Your Garden a Glow-up With Outdoor Lights


Summer is almost here! And that means that it’s time to give our gardens a glow-up! What better and easier way to do that than with the help of outdoor lights? However, when it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s important to be strategic about it. There are so many options available on the market, and […]

Create Your Own Garden Workspace: From Garden Offices to Cozy Balcony Desks


Are you a workaholic who loves to spend time in nature? Then you know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck inside your home with lots of work to do while outside the sun shines in its full force. But who says that working from home means working behind closed walls? Let’s break free […]

How to Transform Your Empty Rooftop into a Luxurious Outdoor Space


Imagine having your own private oasis high above the city, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and bask in the beauty of nature. What if we told you that’s a lot easier to achieve than you may think? If you have an empty rooftop space just waiting to be transformed, […]

Gardening 101: How To Shape Your Plants With Pruning

Pruning is a fundamental practice in gardening that involves the precise trimming of plants to encourage healthy growth, maintain shape, and enhance overall aesthetics. By mastering the art of pruning, gardeners can foster a flourishing and well-maintained garden that exudes natural beauty and vitality. Whether you’re nurturing oralnamenal shrubs, fruit-bearing trees, or vibrant flower beds, […]

Fire Pits and Reading Nooks: How to Create a Cozy and Stylish Autumn Retreat


There’s no better time to transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth and style than during fall. Picture those cool, crisp evenings, the intoxicating scent of fallen leaves, and the comforting crackle of a fire. Can’t get much better than that, right? With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of inspiration, you […]

Heirloom Havens: Reviving Vintage Garden Styles with a Modern Twist


Gardening has always been a timeless activity. However, there is one thing that you have to admit – vintage garden styles have a particular allure. Sure, modern gardening technologies are great. They make it a lot easier to care for our outdoor space, and also save us plenty of time. However, there’s something about the […]

Incorporating Mirrors Into Your Garden for an Illusion of Infinite Space


Are you looking for ways to make your outdoor space appear bigger? Then what better way is there to do that than by adding mirrors all over your garden? Even though this concept seems a bit unpractical at first, it’s a wonderful way to make any space look optically bigger. Once you place the mirrors […]

How To Upgrade Your Porch To Get The Most Out Of Those Late Summer Afternoons


Late summer afternoons are the perfect time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you have a small porch or a spacious veranda, upgrading your outdoor space can transform it into a cozy and inviting haven. From adding comfortable seating to creating the perfect lightning – there is just so much that you can do. […]

The Art of Garden Feng Shui: How to Balance Out Energy in Your Outdoor Space


If you’re at all familiar with Feng Shui, you know that this is an ancient art of bringing harmony and balance into your indoor space. But who says that it has to be limited to our indoor space exclusively? With the summer still being in full rage, most of us are spending a lot of […]

Small Space, Big Dreams: Creating a Thriving Garden in Your Apartment or Condo


Who says that you have to have a lot of space to create the garden of your dreams? Having a luscious green oasis is possible, even for apartment and condo owners. No matter what the size of your living space is — you deserve to have a peaceful outdoor corner. So if you want to […]

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