I remember the first time I wore a glam look. It was the ‘90s. I was a teenager in Slovakia and wearing “too much” makeup wasn’t “a thing” at that time. Magazines and TV shows would showcase the world of glamour, and I found myself being drawn to it. I felt that there was a certain mystique and power behind it. The style made women look like Goddesses who carried themselves upright and with confidence, flaunting their voluminous hair and gorgeous makeup. So, one day I sat down and tried to re-create the smokey-eye look that was featured in one of the fashion magazines. With limited access to the exact makeup products, I was able to re-create the look almost exactly. I walked outside the house and hit the streets of my small town. Everyone’s jaws dropped. I saw people talking about me and some even thought that I stepped out of the cover of a magazine. The positive attention I received that day just confirmed to me the power of makeup. My passion for glamour style and a glamorous lifestyle was born. Since that moment, I just knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry. Relocating to the United States in my 20s, I found Hollywood to be a home where I could express myself as an artist, as well as a makeup guru. While I was modeling and acting, I was often asked to fix other models’ makeup because they wouldn’t like the makeup done on them by the official makeup artist on set. I decided to master my skills and attended the Academy of Makeup and Fashion in Encino, California. I quickly started to work as a makeup artist, juggling 3 different careers. My beauty work appeared on countless magazine covers, red carpet events, TV shows, and even weddings. The highlight of my beauty career was winning a contest by one of my favorite beauty brands, Charlotte Tilbury. The task was to create a supermodel look. I submitted my work and was chosen amongst 3 other winners out of over 800 participants. I created the classic smokey-eye glam that stole my heart that one day back in the ‘90s. Over a decade later, this look still made my model stand out of the hundreds of other beautiful faces. All of these experiences were essential to starting my line of beauty products, Glamour Garden.

Glamour Garden

Glamour Garden is inspired by my love for romanticism, baroque, chateaus, rose gardens, glamour, and classic beauty. While having a unique style can be a good thing, I still prefer women to look their best according to their features and most importantly, feminine. Since the key features of everyone’s faces are the eyes and lips, the first two products I created were a line of false lashes called KAT Lash and a set of liquid lipsticks. KAT Lash false lashes are all about the right amount of lash and are made from 100% human hair. These lashes will never overpower your natural beauty; instead, they will bring youthfulness and charm to your looks. These 7 styles are the basic start-up collection for every woman to have to cover her looks from day to night, suitable for every event. By combining different styles of KAT Lash you can create a variety of looks. Glamour Garden liquid lipsticks were created in collaboration with LA Splash Cosmetics. These four amazing long-lasting, matte liquid lipstick shades are suitable for every skin color. Just like KAT Lash, you can also mix different shades to create more than just four colors. This collection was a limited edition and is unfortunately no longer available. As a couple of decades have gone by, I found myself spending more time in my gardens hiding away from the city lights of Los Angeles. I re-connect with my inner child from Slovakia who grew up visiting castles, chateaus, and their gardens in the beautiful former Czechoslovakia. To me, flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world. Lately, I also started to enjoy interior design inspired by the glamour of the old world, especially French design. My house in Los Angeles is a rental property for different photo and video shoots. Just check out European House LA! So, here I am living my glamorous lifestyle between America and Europe. But, as you can imagine, my life wasn’t always so glamorous. For that story, you can check out the pilot episode of my docu-series The 90s Girl. I really hope you can find some inspiration on this site. I truly believe that we become what we surround ourselves with, what we think and eat. So always choose beauty, be kind and love. xoxo Katarina Van Derham