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How to Transform Your Empty Rooftop into a Luxurious Outdoor Space


Imagine having your own private oasis high above the city, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and bask in the beauty of nature. What if we told you that’s a lot easier to achieve than you may think? If you have an empty rooftop space just waiting to be transformed, […]

Crystal Garden Accents: How Gemstones Can Add Luxury to Your Outdoor Space

You know how particular we are about our gardens. We want them to look luxurious, glamorous, extravagant, while also being practical and serving a purpose. And that’s exactly what crystal gardening is all about! Sadly, crystal gardening has nothing to do with planting seeds and growing gorgeous and colorful crystal. Instead, it’s all about using […]

Incorporating Mirrors Into Your Garden for an Illusion of Infinite Space


Are you looking for ways to make your outdoor space appear bigger? Then what better way is there to do that than by adding mirrors all over your garden? Even though this concept seems a bit unpractical at first, it’s a wonderful way to make any space look optically bigger. Once you place the mirrors […]

Gorgeous Decoration Ideas to Elevate That Fall Spirit


If you ask me, fall is, without a doubt, the prettiest season of the year. There is just something so magical about it. The vibrant colors, cozy evenings, and nature’s beauty in full bloom. It makes me feel warm from the inside, just thinking about it. And if you’re freaky for fall, like I am, […]

Easy DIY Garden Decor to Elevate Your Outdoor Space


Your garden is more than just a collection of plants—it’s a way for you to express your creativity and personality. And what better way is there to do that than by creating some DIY garden decor? With a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of inspiration, you can create some amazing decor that’s not only […]

Designing an English Cottage Garden: From Layout to Decor


Planning out a garden can be a bit overwhelming. From deciding what design you want to go for, to picking out all of the plants and decorations. Sure, Pinterest does help, but there is still so much that you have to come up with yourself. But if you’re someone like me, who enjoys the aesthetic […]

Old Hollywood Poolside Gardens: How To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Bustling Summer Nights


Summer is here, and for those of us who are blessed enough to have a pool in our backyards, that means just one thing — most of our weekend afternoons will be spent laying around the poolside. And because we’re going to spend so much time there, it’s no surprise that we want to transform […]

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