Create Your Own Garden Workspace: From Garden Offices to Cozy Balcony Desks


Are you a workaholic who loves to spend time in nature? Then you know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck inside your home with lots of work to do while outside the sun shines in its full force. But who says that working from home means working behind closed walls? Let’s break free from traditional office spaces and reconnect with the productivity that nature brings us. All you need is a garden workspace, a good internet connection, and a fully charged laptop. While you take to of the last two ones, let us introduce you to garden offices that can work for almost anyone — from apartment dwellers to seasoned gardeners. 

Lavish Garden Offices 

A garden office is the ideal nature-inspired work environment if you have the luxury of some extra space in your backyard. A garden office can be a standalone building or a shed that has been transformed, giving you a dedicated place away from interior distractions. Pick a location in your garden with lots of natural light and a stunning view to keep you motivated all day. To create a quiet and productive environment, decorate the room with potted plants, cozy furniture, and calming colors. Your ideal garden office will be complete once you’ve added some shelves for storage and added some personal touches to round it all up.

Cozy Balcony Cabanas

For those with a smaller outdoor space, a cozy cabana on your balcony or patio can be a perfect garden workspace. Invest in a comfortable outdoor sofa or lounge chair where you can work while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Add a small table or desk to hold your laptop and essential office supplies. Surround your cozy cabana with potted and hanging plants to bring the beauty of nature closer to your workspace. Toss in some soft cushions and a cozy throw for extra comfort. Finally, you’ll have a magical nook for productivity and relaxation.


Quiet Garden Nooks 

Transform a quiet corner of your garden into a peaceful and quiet nook for mindful work sessions. Place a small desk or table under a leafy tree or next to a beautiful flower bed. Let the flowers and plants that surround you grow your productivity, motivation, and creativity. Focusing on your workload has never felt more enjoyable. This garden workstation is perfect for reading, writing, or just letting your creativity run free. Add a comfortable chair, maybe even a small water feature. Then some candles to make the place a bit more zen and keep you centered and motivated all day long.

Open Air Workstations 

If you prefer working in the open air, an outdoor workstation is the way to go. Simply move your regular desk and chair outside to your garden or balcony. Invest in a sturdy and weather-resistant desk to withstand the elements. Consider using an outdoor umbrella or a canopy for shade during hot summer days. Surround your outdoor workstation with potted herbs or fragrant flowers to spoil your senses and keep you going while you work. This will make working just so much more enjoyable. Let the songs of the birds and the relaxing sounds of nature boost your spirits and productivity.

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