The Glam Gardner’s Struggles: How to Protect Your Manicure While Gardening


I have a confession for you — no matter how much I love to spend time outside getting my hands dirty, the moment I get inside I still expect my nails to look as meticulous as ever. The funny thing is — they always do. And that’s not because I have some sort of magical gardening gloves or stone-hard nails. It’s because I learned over the years how to protect my manicure while gardening. So, if you’re a fellow green thumb glam girly, who gets her hands dirty and nails done — here’s how to do it.

Gear Up with Style


Alright, first things first – let’s talk gloves. But not just any gloves, darling. We’re talking about stylish, sturdy gardening gloves that will protect your nails while making a fashion statement. Look for gloves that fit snugly and have a textured grip for maximum control. And hey, why not add a pop of color or some floral patterns to match your garden vibe? Trust me, you’ll feel like a glam goddess as you tend to your plants. Plus, wearing gloves can also help prevent blisters and calluses, keeping your hands soft and smooth.

Seal the Deal

The first step begins before you even get to your garden! You have to make sure you’re always applying a top coat to your manicure. And yes, even if you get them done at the salon. Once you’re done gardening, you can take the top coat off your acrylic or gel manicure, and it will still look like new. Why do I do this? Because it protects my nails from scratches, which can be particularly visible and annoying if you have dark nail polish on your hands. So, if you want your manicure to stay shiny for as long as possible, then this is a tip that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Garden with Grace


Now, let’s talk technique, shall we? When you’re gardening with a fresh manicure, it’s all about grace and finesse. Resist the urge to use your nails as tools – no digging, prying, or scraping allowed! I know — it can be so tempting. But it will be something you’ll strongly regret if you accidentally break one of your bad boys. Instead, reach for those trusty gardening tools and let them do the heavy lifting. Also, please — always wear gloves. Even though they won’t fully prevent damage from happening, your nails are still far less likely to chip if you protect them with a pair of good-quality gardening gloves.

Damage Control

Now that you’re done with your gardening session, it’s time to do a little bit of damage control. Start by cleaning up and pampering those hands. Grab your favorite hand soap and scrub and give your hands a good scrub. Now that everything is clean, you can either remove the layer of top coat from your gel manicure or leave it on if you feel like it still looks decent. Of course, we can’t neglect our cuticles too! Grab your favorite nail oil and massage them gently to your cuticles. Finally, finish everything off with a layer of hand lotion! Your hands should look as fabulous as they were before your gardening session.

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