Holiday Detoxifying Teas: Cleansing Infusions for Post-celebration Recovery


After indulging in holiday festivities, detoxifying teas can be your go-to for a gentle post-celebration recovery. Embracing these cleansing infusions can be a wonderful way to rejuvenate and refresh your body. But also give your immune systems a little boost. Which is more than needed during the cold winter months. So if you’re looking for holiday detoxifying teas recipe ideas, here are some of our favorite ones.

Green Tea with Lemon and Ginger

Green tea with lemon and ginger is a true classic when it comes to the detox tea world. However, it’s important to know how to brew it right. You will need:

  1. Green tea leaves (or green tea bags)
  2. Freshly sliced ginger
  3. Lemon slices

Steep your green tea leaves or bags in hot water. Add freshly sliced ginger and lemon slices. Let it infuse for a few minutes before sipping.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, while ginger and lemon aid digestion and provide a refreshing kick. This tea could be a great choice not only to help your digestive system press the restart button, but also prevent any pesky colds.

Dandelion Root and Peppermint Tea

We have already talked about our love for both dandelions and peppermint. But did you know that combined these two make THE dynamic duo to help you on your detoxifying journey? All you will need is:

  1. Dandelion root tea bags or dried dandelion root
  2. Peppermint tea bags or fresh peppermint leaves

Steep dandelion root and peppermint tea bags or dried roots and fresh leaves in hot water. Let it steep for 5-7 minutes.

Dandelion root supports liver function, while peppermint aids digestion and provides a cooling sensation. Combined, they will help your digestive system digest any of the heavy food you ate during Christmas or New Year’s.

Turmeric and Cinnamon Spice Infusion

Tumeric and cinnamon are both powerful antioxidants. But combined they create an incredibly potent elixir that will help your body get back on track. You will need:

  1. Turmeric powder
  2. Cinnamon sticks or powder
  3. Black pepper (optional)
  4. Maple Syrup (optional)

Simmer turmeric powder and cinnamon sticks in water for about 10 minutes. Add a pinch of black pepper for better absorption of turmeric’s benefits. Sweeten with honey if desired.

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, while cinnamon also adds warmth and flavor to this detoxifying infusion. This potion will not only boost your metabolism, but also be a comforting late-evening drink.

Hibiscus and Cranberry Herbal Blend

Last, but certainly not least, we have one of the most powerful duos for detoxification. Even though hibiscus and cranberry seem sweet and mellow, these two are actual powerhouses. All you will need for this magical potion is:

  1. Hibiscus tea bags or dried hibiscus flowers
  2. Fresh or dried cranberries

Steep hibiscus tea bags or dried flowers in hot water. Add fresh or dried cranberries to infuse. Let it steep for a few minutes before sipping.

Hibiscus and cranberries are rich in antioxidants, promoting detoxification and aiding in hydration. They are also great for treating and preventing UTIs.

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