Old Hollywood Poolside Gardens: How To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Bustling Summer Nights


Summer is here, and for those of us who are blessed enough to have a pool in our backyards, that means just one thing — most of our weekend afternoons will be spent laying around the poolside. And because we’re going to spend so much time there, it’s no surprise that we want to transform these outdoor spots into something glamorous and exciting. And what’s more glamorous and exciting than Old Hollywood? If you want to give your outdoor space a luxurious makeover, here are the easiest ways to create an Old Hollywood (inspired) poolside.

Timeless elegance

To capture the essence of Old Hollywood, embrace classic design elements that stand the test of time. Opt for clean lines, symmetrical arrangements, and a balanced color palette. Incorporate elegant features such as arches, pergolas, and ornate fountains. Choose timeless materials like natural stone or mosaic tiles to create pathways and seating areas. By focusing on classic design principles, you’ll set the stage for a poolside garden that radiates sophistication.

Luxe comfort

To recreate the allure of Old Hollywood poolside gardens, incorporate luxurious lounge areas where you and your guests can unwind and soak up the sun. Invest in comfortable loungers with plush cushions and stylish umbrellas for shade. Consider adding a cabana or a daybed draped with flowing curtains to create a sense of opulence. Complete the look with elegant side tables for drinks and snacks, and don’t forget to include soft outdoor lighting for a cozy and inviting ambiance during evening gatherings.


Ambient lighting

To truly capture the magic of Old Hollywood poolside gardens, pay attention to lighting. The right lighting can transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis as the sun goes down. Use soft, warm lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. Install ambient lights along pathways and around seating areas. Consider adding underwater LED lights to illuminate the pool and create a mesmerizing effect. Enhance the ambiance with strategically placed lanterns or vintage-style sconces. Never underestimate the power of lighting. Especially not when it comes to adding a dash of glamour to any space.

Outdoor entertainment

No Old Hollywood poolside garden is complete without provisions for outdoor entertainment. Create a dedicated area for al fresco dining with a stylish outdoor dining set. Opt for a classic table with comfortable chairs that invite guests to linger. Install an outdoor sound system to play soft music that sets the tone for an elegant and sophisticated gathering. Consider adding a small bar area or a beverage cart stocked with refreshing beverages. Incorporate elegant tableware, glassware and table linens to elevate the dining experience.

Don’t forget to accessorize

To fully immerse yourself in the Old Hollywood aesthetic, incorporate vintage-inspired décor and accents throughout your poolside garden. Look for antique garden statues, ornate mirrors, or vintage-style lanterns to add a touch of nostalgia. Consider hanging vintage posters or artwork that pays homage to the golden age of cinema. Don’t forget to include comfortable outdoor pillows and throws in luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk to enhance the cozy and inviting atmosphere. By adding these vintage touches, you’ll infuse your poolside garden with an undeniable charm that transports you to a different era.

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