3 Shampoo Ingredients that May Cause Hair Fall


A person may lose about 100 hair each day. Additionally, you may lose more strands while washing because they shed easily during the process. However, you must check your hair-care products if you notice that you’re losing more strands than usual. While numerous factors cause hair fall, several chemicals in your hair care products can worsen the problem. To give you a better view, here are some shampoo ingredients that may cause hair fall.


Many people love the rich lather caused by their shampoos. As you know, this lather is due to foaming agents like sulfates. This shampoo ingredient can effectively remove dirt and oil on your scalp and hair. In fact, it has a very potent cleaning capability that it causes harm. To be specific, it can get rid of the natural oils on your scalp. As a result, your strands become brittle, leading to hair loss.


Parabens are among the most common shampoo ingredients that may cause hair fall. As you know, these chemicals are often used in cosmetics products to prolong their shelf life. Aside from that, they can also help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Unfortunately, parabens may also cause hair fall. Remember, your skin or scalp can absorb these chemicals. In some cases, they can cause allergic reactions, irritation, flaking, and itchiness. All these effects may lead to hair loss.

Synthetic Fragrance

Many people love hair-care products that boast alluring fragrances. However, beauty experts recommend being careful with fragrant shampoos containing synthetic fragrances. The reason is that this ingredient is composed of dozens of harmful chemicals that may irritate and dry out your scalp. Eventually, you may experience hair fall when frequently using these fragrant hair-care products. Some formulations may even contain cancer-causing chemicals.

A Few Things to Remember

All in all, these are some shampoo ingredients that may cause hair fall. Keep in mind that hair fall is a natural process. However, you should be concerned if you notice more strands on your drainage. Remember, some hair-care products contain harsh chemicals that can cause undesirable effects, including irritation and hair loss. Aside from that, some treatments and hair dyes may also damage your tresses, especially when done frequently. For these reasons, experts recommend checking product labels before buying them. Also, you should opt for natural hair-care products with botanical ingredients. These products improve the condition of your tresses in a gentle way.

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