Cottagecore Gardening: How To Embrace the Rustic Way of Living


Cottagecore is the picturesque aesthetic celebrating simplicity and nature. And it’s just the perfect aesthetic for anyone who is looking for a low maintenance and easy garden design. It transforms your outdoor space into a whimsical haven by embracing the imperfections and beauty of untouched nature. So, if this sounds like your vibe, here’s everything you should know about cottagecore gardening.

Create an Enchanting Cottage Garden


If there’s something that captures the essence of cottagecore gardens perfectly, then it’s wildflowers and native plants. They are not only ideal for creating an enchanting, naturalistic vibe. But they are also so easy to care for.

Plant a variety of flowers like foxgloves, daisies, and lavender to attract pollinators and infuse your garden with color and fragrance. Don’t worry too much about structure and perfection. It’s all about allowing nature do its own thing.

Mix Vegetables and Flowers

Don’t be afraid to mix vegetables and flowers in the same garden spot! Mixing and matching your favorite edible and non-edible plants is a great way to give your outdoor space that rustic vibe.

Simply intertwine veggies like tomatoes and beans with flowers to mimic the traditional cottage garden style, promoting a harmonious and functional space. You can also plant herbs and veggies alongside flowers, which will not only make your garden look charming, but also give it a gorgeous smell.

Embrace Quaint Garden Structures

Besides plants, what else can you do to make your garden aesthetic more cottagecore? Simply install a rustic arbor or trellis. A weathered wooden arbor or trellis draped in climbing roses or vines creates a whimsical entryway or cozy nook. Let nature take its course by allowing climbing plants to weave their way through. The organic way in which nature operates can never be beaten by humans.

Cozy Seating Areas


Of course, what would a cottagecore garden be without a cozy seating area? Cozy corners with vintage-inspired seating, inviting you to relax amidst the blooms and verdant surroundings are an absolute must-have. Don’t forget to also add soft cushions, quaint pillows, and perhaps a vintage tea set to complete the cottagecore vibe. Everyone will be excited to have an iced tea in your backyard and having the chance to admire gorgeous nature surrounding them.

The Joy of Imperfection

Cottagecore gardening isn’t about expensive flowers pots or flashy outdoor decor. Worn, weathered materials like aged terracotta pots or chipped enamelware are amazing options add character and charm to your garden. Don’t be afraid to let objects naturally age. It will only make your garden look more interesting. And for that authentic cottagecore look, you can even thrift shop for your outdoor furniture.

Unstructured Layouts:

As we have already mentioned, it’s all about celebrating imperfections. So make sure to avoid strict symmetry and embrace a more relaxed, unstructured layout that mirrors the untamed beauty of nature. Incorporate winding pathways and meandering borders to evoke a sense of spontaneity and charm. Don’t stress over having a perfectly mowed lawn or color coordinating your flowers. Honestly — the less you try, the better it will look.

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