Can Rice Water Really Help Your Hair Growth? Here’s Everything You Should Know


Rice water has been a sensation in the modern hair care world for years now! However, this is actually an ancient beauty ritual believed to be the key factor behind the floor-length hair of women in ancient Heian-period Japan. Considering that this practice has stood the test of time, there can’t be any potential drawbacks, right? Well, even though many people claim that when used correctly, rice water can improve the health and growth of our hair, there actually isn’t any evidence backing that up. But that doesn’t mean that we’re against the idea of using it in out hair care routines! So let’s sift through the facts and anecdotes, and find out if this DIY beauty ritual is something that could work for you.

The Essence of Rice Water

At its core, rice water is the starchy liquid obtained after rinsing rice. Rich in a spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins B, C, and E, minerals, and amino acids, rice water enthusiasts suggest that it holds the key to nourishing and fortifying hair. The primary components contributing to its potential benefits are believed to be proteins, amino acids, and inositol.

Even though the nutrient-rich profile of rice water, including vitamins and amino acids, is thought to nourish hair follicles, we can’t guarantee you that it will also promote hair growth and overall vitality of your locks. But what we can tell you is that hundreds, if not thousands of advocates online claim that the proteins in it have strengthened their hair strands. And this resulted in less breakage and fewer split ends.

A Closer Look at the Effects of Rice Water

Let’s take a closer look at the active ingredients found in rice water, shall we? Besides the amino acids, one of the most important ones is, by far, inositol. This is a carbohydrate believed to penetrate the hair shaft, improving elasticity and imparting a glossy sheen for healthier-looking hair. Combined with everything else, this should be the magic potion everyone’s hair is yearning for, right? Not really, because there are some hair types that should stay away from it. So if you notice that your hair is feeling dry or stiff after use of rice water, stop using it. Not for good, but just take a break and see how your hair will respond.

Is Rice Water a Good Choice For You?

Now that you’ve learned so much about the hair benefits of rice water, you’re probably wondering if you should add it to your hair care routine. Even though it can be a wonderful addition, especially for people who are trying to grow their hair out, we have to warn you. Just like with everything else, rice water simply won’t work for everyone. Also, there is no actual scientific evidence backing it up. So the claim that a rice water rinse makes your hair grow faster is completely anecdotal.

So, is it even worth trying out? Anecdotally speaking, yes, it definitely is. Many people have had amazing results from it. In addition to that, it’s also super inexpensive and easy to use. This means that you don’t have a lot to lose. However, make sure to be careful and closely inspect any potential changes in your mane.

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