Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Keep Your Plants Watered and Healthy


Are you a gardening enthusiast and plant parent who is preparing to hop on your next adventure? Then you’re probably wondering how your green babies can keep thriving even while you’re gone. We have some amazing news for you — your leafy buddies can welcome you back home looking all fresh and juicy, all you have to do is follow our easy guidelines. Embark on your journey with peace of mind, simply by making sure all of these steps are taken care of to keep your plants watered and healthy. 

Always Plan Ahead 

The most important thing that you should do is plan ahead. Before you pack your bags, ensure your plants have a reliable caretaker while you’re out and about in the world. Ask for the help of a plant-savvy friend or family member who can drop by and give your plants the care they need. Make sure to give your plant guardian all the specifics on how to care for your precious blooms. And also, don’t forget to leave the needed watering cans or a hose, so that everything is easily accessible. Having someone you trust take care of your plants will give you peace of mind, knowing your green beauties are in good hands.

Self-Watering Devices

Give your plants a self-watering vacation with the help of practical watering devices. Self-watering stakes, globes, or spikes are designed to slowly release water into the soil, keeping your plants hydrated for an extended period of time. Simply fill these devices with water before you leave, and they’ll do the watering for you while you’re away. They are a lifesaver for potted plants and work especially well for plants with consistent watering needs. You can buy them almost anywhere nowadays, from Amazon to your nearest farmers’ supply market.

Hydration Station


Create a hydration station for your plants by grouping them together before you leave. When plants are placed closely together, they create a microclimate that helps retain moisture in the soil. This way, they can benefit from each other’s transpiration, reducing the risk of drying out. Additionally, consider mulching the soil surface with a layer of organic mulch. Mulch acts as a protective blanket, reducing evaporation and keeping the soil moist for longer periods. Your plants will appreciate the camaraderie and the moisture-retaining benefits of this arrangement.

Watering Timers 

Take advantage of technology and invest in watering timers. These handy gadgets can be attached to your outdoor hose or irrigation system and are programmable to water your plants at specific intervals. Set the timer to water your plants during the early morning or late evening, when the temperature is cooler and water evaporation is minimized. Watering timers ensure your garden receives the necessary hydration even when you’re not around to do it yourself. Some even use specific apps that you can control from anywhere in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

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