The Garden Party Playbook — Spilling All My Secrets on Hosting Outdoor Soirées


Welcome, fellow party enthusiasts, to the ultimate guide on how to throw a garden party that will have your guests talking for seasons to come! You already know the drill – plenty of sun, amazing music, you’re surrounded by friends and family, and all of you are having the time of your lives in your stunning garden oasis. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? However, this doesn’t have to be just a dream. Because with the right planning, a whole lot of creativity, and a little bit of patience, you can turn this into a reality. So, grab your pen and paper — because I’m about to share with you my ultimate garden party playbook.

Setting the Scene

The first step, of course, is setting the right scene. And this includes things such as choosing the right location and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Even though these steps seem pretty straightforward, they’ll actually be key when it comes to creating a good and lasting first impression. So, make sure you give them the attention that they deserve.

Choosing the Perfect Location

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First things first, let’s find the perfect spot to host the party. Whether you’re going to choose your own backyard, a cozy patio, or a charming local park, it’s important to make sure the setting is not only visually appealing but also practical for your needs. Consider factors like space, shade, and accessibility when picking the spot for your outdoor extravaganza. Of course, ideally, the location would be your own garden. So, pick a corner that has plenty of greenery, and natural features, and is large enough for the number of guests that you have planned. Don’t worry if it’s aesthetically not where you want it to be. Because there’s nothing that a little bit of decor can’t do.

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere

Now that we’ve secured our location, it’s time to focus on comfort. After all, nobody wants to be fidgeting in their seat or melting away in the sun while trying to enjoy some delicious snacks. Therefore, make sure you set up plenty of seating options, toss in some cozy cushions or blankets for good measure, and don’t forget to have a backup plan in case Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball. Even though summer is here, a little rain or wind could still appear out of the blue. You could rent a tent or also set up some seating options indoors.

Themed Décor

No party is complete without the right decor, but especially not a garden party. However, finding the right ideas can be hard. Even in this era of Pinterest. So, to help you out, I’ve created some simple but effective guidelines.

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Embracing Nature’s Palette

My first piece of advice would be to embrace nature’s color palette. In other words, embrace the color palette of your garden, patio, balcony, or wherever you may be hosting the party. Think lush greenery, pinkish details, and earthy accents that will seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Start by dissecting your existing landscape and incorporating elements that complement it. For example, you can use native plants and flowers for your centerpieces or incorporate natural materials like wood and stone into your table settings. This way everything will be cohesive and a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

DIY Décor Tips

Even though I love buying decor, there’s just something about these little DIY projects that makes my little heart beat faster. From handmade centerpieces to personalized place settings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding those special touches that will make your garden party uniquely yours. And if you do it right, it could look so much better than any store-bought decore ever could. You don’t have to do it alone either. Get the whole family or family group involved and let your creativity run wild! Consider hosting a crafting day or evening leading up to the party where guests can help create decorations and personalized touches for the event. Trust me, this has the potential to be even more fun than the actual party.

Delightful Dining

One of the most important elements of all parties is drinks and food. People will forget what songs you had on your playlist, the colors of your centerpieces, or your hand-written invitations. But they will never forget that garden party where they had the best mocktail or finger food of their lives.

Curating the Menu

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When planning your garden party menu, think fresh, seasonal, and oh-so-delicious. Start by considering the time of day and the overall vibe of your event – are you hosting a casual afternoon get-together or an elegant evening event? Tailor your menu accordingly, choosing dishes that are not only tasty but also easy to enjoy al fresco. Finger foods, salads, and grilled veggies are perfect for a casual atmosphere, while a more formal affair may call for a multi-course meal with plated entrees. My biggest piece of advice would be to incorporate seasonal ingredients and local flavors into your menu. This will make everything more authentic and enjoyable.

Signature Drinks


What’s a garden party without a refreshing beverage to sip on? Shake up some cocktails, whip up some mocktails, or simply offer a selection of chilled beverages to keep your guests cool and hydrated. And remember, presentation is key! Serve your drinks in pretty glassware, garnish with fresh herbs or fruit, and get your party straws ready as well. If you want to take things up a notch, why not consider setting up a DIY drink station? Your guests could mix and match their favorite ingredients to create custom cocktails or mocktails. Not only is this a fun way to serve drinks, but it’s also a great way to mingle and interact with others without it being awkward.

Entertainment and Activities

No party would be complete without the right entertainment activities. Because no one wants to sit around a group of people in complete silence feeling bored out of their minds. So, make sure you do enough preparation and always have an emergency plan in case the vibes are going downhill. Here are some of my favorite tips.

Engaging Guests

If you want to keep the good times rolling, make sure that there are plenty of activities that will keep your guests engaged. From lawn games like croquet and bocce ball to a DIY photo booth complete with silly props, there’s no shortage of fun to be had at a garden party. Consider setting up different stations or areas throughout your space where guests can gather and enjoy various activities – a games area for lawn games, a lounge area for mingling and conversation, and a dance floor for those who want to let loose. And finally, to round things up, why not cozy up by a bonfire and roast some marshmallows once the sun goes down?

Live Music or Playlist


Now, this step depends on the budget for your party. If you want to keep things simple and low-key, then a pre-made playlist paired with a couple of Bluetooth speakers will do the trick. However, if you really want to impress your guests, why not hire a local musician or band to provide live entertainment? If you have a skilled musician or singer in your friend group, you can even offer them to play. Music is the final touch to every party, so make sure you’re making the right choice. Whatever that choice may be for you. Remember, you can never go wrong with some mellow tunes in the background. That way your guests can still interact without having to deal with awkward silence.

Final Touches

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about those finishing touches that can take your garden party from fun and entertaining to absolutely spectacular. It’s these little things that can make a lasting impression on your guests, and establish your title as the garden party queen B.

Personalized Invitations

What better way to get your party started than with personalized invitations? These will have your guests counting down the days until your garden extravaganza. Whether you opt for snail mail or digital invites, make sure to include all the important details and a heartfelt note to let your guests know just how excited you are to celebrate with them. My biggest piece of advice would be to incorporate elements of your party theme into the invitations, such as floral motifs or whimsical fonts. This way you’ll set the tone for your event and everything will also be a lot more cohesive.

Thoughtful Favors

Last but not least, make sure you send your guests home with a little piece of the party to remember it by. Whether it’s a small potted plant, a jar of homemade jam, or a personalized candle, a thoughtful party favor is the perfect way to say thank you for joining in the fun. You can get as creative with your favors as you want to! One thing is certain – you’ll watch your guests leave with smiles on their faces. You could even try tying the favors into your party theme or incorporating elements of nature, such as seed packets or plantable paper. This will keep the garden theme going, while also ensuring that you’re staying sustainable.

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