DIY Herbal Face Serums for Targeted Skin Concerns


Crafting your herbal products is the perfect way to treat your skin in the most natural way possible. You will not only harness the power of these magical botanicals but also have so much fun preparing your DIY herbal face serums. So if you’re looking for a delightful project to try out during the weekend, here are some of our favorite recipes for botanical skincare powerhouses.

Calming Chamomile Serum for Sensitivity and Redness

Is your skin red and angry? And all you want is something to calm it down and even out your skin tone? If the answer is yes, then chamomile comes to the rescue.

All you need for our DIY herbal serum is:

1. Chamomile flowers

2. Jojoba oil

Infuse chamomile flowers in jojoba oil using a slow, gentle heat method. Strain and store the infused oil in a dark glass dropper bottle. Apply a few drops to soothe sensitive or redness-prone skin.

Brightening Turmeric and Licorice Serum for Dullness

Are you looking for something to brighten up your complexion and give you the glow of a lifetime? Then look no further.


1. Turmeric powder

2. Licorice root extract

3. Rosehip seed oil

Blend turmeric and licorice extract into rosehip seed oil. Allow the mixture to settle, strain if necessary, and store in a dark glass dropper bottle. Apply sparingly to combat dullness and promote radiance.

Hydrating Aloe and Cucumber Serum for Dryness

Are you having trouble with dry skin? Don’t worry, because our aloe and cucumber serum is all your epidermis needs.

The ingredients are:

1. Aloe vera gel or juice

2. Cucumber seed oil

3. Vitamin E oil

Combine aloe vera gel or juice with cucumber seed oil and a few drops of vitamin E oil. Mix well and transfer to a dark glass dropper bottle. Apply as a hydrating treatment for dry skin.


Even though we strongly believe in the efficiency of our DIY herbal serums, we still have to share a few warnings and precautions. When using DIY skincare, or any skincare for a fact, always make sure to do a patch test before you apply the product onto your face. Introduce each serum gradually into your skincare routine, scanning how your skin responds. Use these serums sparingly, applying a few drops to cleansed skin and gently patting or massaging it in.

Herbal Synergy and Customization

Who says that you can’t also experiment with your very own combinations? When done right, you have the power to create synergistic effects targeting specific concerns. Adjust the ratios and ingredients based on individual skin needs and preferences. But please, make sure to still research each herb’s properties and potential interactions. It’s important to be smart about it and always prioritize safety in your skincare endeavors.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the shelf life of your DIY serums. First of all, you have to make sure to store them in dark glass dropper bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The shelf life varies based on the components used. However, it’s advisable to use the serums within a few months to maintain potency and freshness. Do you have a mini skincare fridge? Perfect, you can store your herbal face serums there too!

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