Completely Safe and Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth


Having a white and bright smile is something all of us desire, right? But what if you also have super sensitive teeth that don’t react too well to conventional whitening methods? Well, in that case, it’s time to find a natural solution. And believe us when we tell you that there are plenty of them available. From good old coconut oil, to activated charcoal, there’s no need to spend money on whitening strips anymore. We will give you a variety of options to whiten your teeth naturally, all you have to do is pick the method that suits your preferences the best.

Baking Soda

Discover the natural wonders of baking soda as a gentle yet effective teeth-whitening agent. This common household staple works by gently removing surface stains on the enamel without causing damage. By creating a paste with baking soda and water, you can enjoy a safe and affordable method to brighten your smile, unveiling a more confident and radiant appearance. However, make sure you don’t use this method too often. When overused, baking soda can be harsh on our teeth’s enamel, which could potentially cause more harm than good. If you want to keep things safe, you can always opt for toothpaste with added baking soda.

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

We’ve already talked about the numerous benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil. This will not only improve your overall oral health but also help you in the teeth-whitening process. If you’re not already oil-pulling every morning, what are you waiting for? Simply swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes each day. This can effectively reduce plaque and bacteria while promoting a brighter and healthier smile. Embrace this time-honored technique as a safe and natural addition to your daily oral care routine. For optimal results, you can also combine it with some of the other methods that we have listed in this article.

Activated Charcoal

It’s time to unveil the purifying capabilities of activated charcoal as a natural and safe solution for removing stains and discoloration from your teeth. Instead of buying overpriced products that contain activated charcoal, why not simply create your own whitening paste? You can use activated charcoal powder or capsules mixed with your regular toothpaste, or just a small amount of water. This will absorb toxins and impurities that dull the natural whiteness of your teeth, revealing a brighter and more vibrant smile. Incorporate this gentle yet effective method into your oral care routine to achieve a naturally radiant smile without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive substances.

Brightening with Fruit

Harness the natural bleaching properties of strawberries and oranges to enhance the brightness of your teeth. These fruits contain malic acid, which helps break down stains and discoloration, leading to a visibly whiter smile. By creating a simple paste with mashed strawberries or rubbing orange peel directly on your teeth, you can enjoy a safe and natural approach to whiten your teeth, promoting a dazzling and youthful smile that radiates confidence and well-being.

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