Pet-Friendly Perennials You And Your Fur Babies Can Enjoy For Many Years To Come


There are two things that we truly love: animals and gardens. However, did you know that not every garden is animal-friendly? Some common garden flowers can be toxic for our beloved pets. That’s why you always have to take your fur babies into consideration when planting anything in your outdoor space that they have access to. But don’t worry! There are still plenty of gorgeous pet-friendly perennials that you and your pawtners can enjoy for many years to come. Here are just some of our favorite ones.


Sunflowers, with their vibrant blooms and joyful appearance, make a gorgeous and pet-friendly addition to any garden. These tall, sturdy perennials thrive in sunny locations, just as the name implies. They also bring a touch of radiance to your outdoor space, and give it a cottagecore appeal. Because they are non-toxic and safe for most animals, sunflowers provide a pet-safe environment, allowing your furry companions to roam freely without any concerns for their well-being. Enjoy the playful presence of these sun-kissed beauties as they adorn your garden in the warm summer breeze.


Coneflowers, known for their delicate petals and gorgeous and colorful blooms, are a pet-friendly perennial that adds a splash of color to your garden while ensuring the safety of your fur babies. These resilient beauties attract pollinators and create a lively and dynamic environment that both you and your pets can appreciate. Watch as the cone-shaped centers become a haven for buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies. And in addition to all of that, they are also easy-care. Watering them once a week and adding a light layer of compost in the fall and spring is all that they really need to thrive.


We’ve talked about lavender so many times. However, we truly believe that it’s a gorgeous addition to pretty much any outdoor space. As you probably already know, these stunning flowers are famous for their soothing aroma and delicate purple flowers. However, they are also a pet-friendly perennial that adds a touch of elegance to any garden. Its calming fragrance serves as a natural stress reliever, benefitting both you and your pets. The best part – lavender is also very low-maintenance! They thrive in most conditions but prefer sunny places and fast-draining soil.


Catmint, as the name suggests, is a feline-friendly perennial that provides a playful and enchanting appeal to your garden while ensuring the safety of your pets. Its aromatic foliage attracts cats, encouraging playful interactions and creating a stimulating environment for your furry friends to explore and enjoy. So if you’re a crazy cat lady who wants to enjoy the company of feline buddies (even if they aren’t your own) this is a must for your outdoor space. Even though catmint prefers full shine, it can still thrive even in partial shade. They are drought and heat-tolerant, which makes them an amazing choice as far as pet-friendly perennials go for hot climates.

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