Gorgeous Plants And Flowers That Will Actually Repel Mosquitoes From Your Garden


Enjoying the beauty of your garden without the annoyance of mosquitoes buzzing around is a dream come true. But did you know that you can achieve this by strategically planting certain plants and flowers? So let’s explore a variety of gorgeous plants and flowers that not only enhance the aesthetics of your garden but also repel mosquitoes naturally. Most of them are not only widely available but also absolutely gorgeous to look at. So say goodbye to pesky mosquito bites and hello to the peaceful and mosquito-free garden of your dreams.


Lavender is not only known for its enchanting fragrance and beautiful purple blooms but also for its mosquito-repellent properties. The strong scent of lavender acts as a natural deterrent for mosquitoes. Plant lavender in sunny areas with well-draining soil, and watch it thrive while keeping those pesky insects away. You can also dry the flowers and use them to make potpourri or homemade mosquito repellents for added protection.


Citronella Grass

Citronella is a classic choice for repelling mosquitoes. The lemony scent of citronella grass masks the attractants that mosquitoes are drawn to, effectively deterring them from your garden. Plant citronella grass in large containers or in areas where it can spread freely. To release the scent, crush a few leaves or use them to make natural mosquito-repellent candles or oils. Citronella grass is not only functional but also adds a touch of vibrancy to your outdoor space.


Bright and cheerful marigolds not only add vibrant colors to your garden but also repel mosquitoes with their distinct scent. Mosquitoes find the scent of marigolds repulsive, making them an excellent companion plant for your outdoor space. Plant marigolds in full sun and enjoy their pest-repellent properties while adding a splash of yellow, orange, or red to your garden. You can also place marigolds near entryways or seating areas to create a natural barrier against mosquitoes.


Rosemary is a versatile herb that not only adds flavor to your culinary creations but also repels mosquitoes. Its aromatic scent is pleasing to humans but unpleasant to mosquitoes. Grow rosemary in pots or in the ground in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. With its attractive foliage and delightful fragrance, rosemary is a wonderful addition to any garden. You can also harvest sprigs of rosemary and use them as a natural mosquito repellent by burning them in a fire pit or placing them in outdoor arrangements.


Basil is a culinary herb loved for its aromatic leaves and delicious flavor. But did you know that it also repels mosquitoes? Plant basil in pots or in your garden, preferably near seating areas or doorways, to deter mosquitoes from entering your outdoor space. Enjoy the fragrance of basil while keeping those bothersome insects away. You can also harvest basil leaves and use them in homemade mosquito repellent sprays or infuse them in oil for natural protection.


Geraniums are beautiful flowering plants that come in a variety of colors, including vibrant pinks, reds, and purples. These lovely blooms not only add a pop of color to your garden but also repel mosquitoes. Plant geraniums in sunny locations with well-drained soil, and watch them thrive while keeping mosquitoes at bay. You can also crush a few leaves to release their fragrance and enhance their mosquito-repellent properties. Geraniums are versatile plants that can be grown in containers, hanging baskets, or garden beds, making them a fantastic choice for mosquito control in your garden.

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